S.No. Name of the Book Author Publishing House Publishing Year
1 Cross Currents and Community Networks Himanshu Prabha Ray and Edward A. Alpers Oxford univesity press 2007
2 Vedasamullasah Satya bhushan yogi Chaukhambha Publishers 2002
3 The East india Company 1600-1857 Wiiliam A. Pettigrew and Mahesh Gopalan Routledge 2017
4 Portuguese presence in India during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Yogesh Sharma , Jose leal ferreira Viva books private limited 2008
5 Bookless in Baghdad Shashi Tharoor Penguin viking 2005
6 Obituaries Death at my Door Step Khushwant singh Lotus Collection Roli Books 2005
7 Interesting times in india Daniel O’ Connor Penguin Books 2005
8 Othappu Sarah Joseph Oxford univesity press 2009
9 Burial at Sea Khushwant singh Penguin viking 2004
10 Colonialism in an Indian Hinterland D.E.U. Baker Oxford univesity press 1993
11 Medieval Hindu Law Ashutosh Dayal Mathur Oxford univesity press 2007
12 Paradise and other stories Khushwant singh Penguin viking 2004
13 Bethoven Among the Cows Rukun Advani Ravi Dayal Publisher 1994
14 In an antique land Amitav Ghosh Ravi Dayal Publisher 1992
15 Fault lines Tanmoy goswami Mansi Publishing House 2005
16 Melodrama and the nation Karen gabriel Women Unlimited 2010
17 Changing Ploitical Leadership in an Indian Provinces and Berar 1919-1939 D.E.U. Baker Oxford univesity press 1979
18 Religions and Discourse     Vol. 45 Ankur Barua Peter Lang 2009
19 The son of the moment Nazir Ahmed Orient longman 1888
20 A bureaucrat’s Yarns Sayan Chattterjee Har-Anand Publication 1994
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