One hundred and thirty seven years have gone by since St Stephen’s College started its mission of excellence in education and service to society. From a humble five students being taught by handful of Cambridge scholars in rented rooms near present-day Chandni Chowk, College has come a long way to its present strength of over a thousand undergraduate students being taught by close to a hundred faculty members from its own green and noted campus. By modern day standards the numbers taught are not very large, but it was never the policy in College to just look at just numbers; values, principles and quality mattered, always. It was wholesome education that was imparted, not just mere information.

The alumni of St Stephen’s College who imbibed what college imparted have carried those values into their daily lives and also far and wide making a positive difference to not just their own lives but also to the lives of the people around them. It is by now commonplace knowledge that the Indian Administrative Service was one specific career option for several alumni and their contributions in that field is legendary. Sports, education, social service, the Arts, the judiciary, Media & Communication, politics and the corporate world are just a few areas into which our junior members have gone and made and continue to make a mark. Several names come to my mind and one only needs to look at the scrolling list of luminaries on our College website to understand the huge contribution that alumni have made.

Today, at the beginning of the 138th year of its existence, and as we launch our exclusive Alumni link from the College website I wish that each alumnus who is reading this will turn inward and ask themselves: what have I done to make College and my world a better place? If there is an unsettling answer, a negative response, or a hesitant reply then the chances are that one has probably not done enough. I urge you to come forward and help build college up. The benefits that you enjoyed from College must continue to another generation, right? So welcome back to College and do you bit!

The College alumni portal is a place where you can register yourself, find old mates, take pride in the number of distinguished alumni (yes, and see if your name figures there as well), exchange pleasantries, put up creative work, find ways and means of giving back to College, check out photographs or books and articles that alumni have written. This is just a beginning and I hope with your help we can make this alumni link a comprehensive one.

The Alumni team, headed by Mr Philip Mathew from the ’66 batch and with alumni representatives on every continent are doing a slow but good job of getting all of us connected. You probably are aware that there are several chapters now in India, and at least one in Europe, the Americas, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Australia. As they say, the more the merrier!

I wish the alumni all success in their efforts to connect with each other, with College and to make the College and our world a better place. Welcome to the official and exclusive alumni portal of St Stephen’s College!


Prof John Varghese
Principal, St Stephen’s College
Patron, The Alumni Association of St Stephen’s College



Ved Marwah, Padma Shri, former Governor of Manipur, Jharkhand and Mizoram, former Commissioner of Police, Delhi

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