Giving Back


Date: 15 December 2017

Giving Back to College

College gave each one of us much that we appreciate and perhaps, it’s now time to give back. When you give back to College, remember that you help support academic initiatives and projects that help build up College. How does one give to College? There are several ways to do this:

  • Come to College and talk to the current students – this can be done at the Morning Assembly or in one of the Society meetings and can be co-ordinated through
  • Come to College and talk to me about what’s good, what’s not so good and what can be done in College. Share your experiences and the future you wish for College and I’ll listen. My office will be more than happy to help you with this.
  • Come to College and chip in with some financial support. You can also do this long-distance, but nothing like coming over and then making a donation.

How to give financially:

  1. Corpus Fund for Infrastructure: Construction, repairs, maintenance, improvements and equipment. This is a fund that will be used towards building up infrastructure, carrying out repairs and maintenance or bringing about improvements in the residences, Café, Mess, and other spaces in college (like for example we need to have a space for Art).
  1. Community support: Towards medical and work benefits for non-teaching staff. All of us have benefitted from the sincere work done by our non-teaching staff be that in the Café, the Mess, the Residences or the College itself. However some of these staff who have put in decades of hard work for college, have not been able to be considered as permanent staff and have therefore lost out on several benefits including medical and other allowances. This fund is one that is dedicated to the support and needs of non-teaching staff.
  1. Academic support: Funding towards recruitment of faculty, establishment of departments and Centres and scholarships. This corpus will look at creating a substantial amount to underwrite expenses towards academic concerns.
  1. Special project: Karamcharis block. An institution of repute like St Stephen’s College must ensure that all members of the community have some basic level of living. Our non-teaching staff quarters were built in the last century and need to be urgently redone completely, in a time bound manner. The Master Plan has been approved but funds are a crunch and therefore the work has been slow to take off.

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